Do You Drink Water? December 14 2012

Water is essential for life.  The image you see to the left is from a trip I took last summer in the fiords next to a glacier in Alaska.  It is pure clean water.  Is that what you are currently drinking? Or - is the water you drink flowing out of the tap from the municipality you live in?  Is the water filled with chlorine, fluoride and so many more chemicals?

You can live for many days without eating but only about a week without drinking.  We are somewhere between 70 and 85% water and cannot survive without it.  Our bodies depend on water, but have you ever given any thought to the water that you are currently drinking? There are two things I look at when I'm describing water to people.  The first is filtration and the second is the pH and antioxidants in it.  Let's get a little more specific
  • Filtration - there are many levels of filtration. You can use a simple filter on your faucet or in a pitcher which will remove chlorine and some lead and needs to be replaced often.  You may have a whole house filter or you may have multiple types of filters
  • When I look at a filter I want to make sure it removes chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, heavy metals, drug residue and much more.  There are different levels of filtration you can use.  
  • Ionizers - alkaline water, so what really is this kind of water and why do I want to know all about it?  I discovered alkaline water when I was searching for a solution for my daughter's arthritis.  For my family it changed so many health issues I decided it was a prudent move to offer it to my clients.

    Why Drink Alkaline Ionized Water?
  1.  It's a great pH balancer!  It has a higher pH so it helps to re-balance the acidity in your body.  Acidity is caused by eating acid foods like grains, meat, dairy and sugar.  In addition acidity in our bodies is caused by the stress that we create.  I find that when our bodies pH is somewhere near a 7 that many health problems that are stuck in our bodies are able to be released and we feel more alive
  2. It's Super Hydrating. It's mineral rich water that our bodies crave.  It doesn't sit in your stomach and slosh around; it's absorbed quickly and routed to your cells.
  3. It's full of Antioxidants. Oxidation is aging, just like a nail oxidizes and rusts.  Antioxidants work by slowing or preventing the oxidative process caused by free radicals that can lead to cell dysfunction and the onset of problems like heart disease and diabetes.  They may also improve immune function and lower your risk for infection.
My motto is "creating natural wellness with herbs and water"  I'm an herbalist and wellness coach and I find that when I combine filtered, ionized water to a health plan that includes healthy food and specific herbs that my clients are able to shift and totally change themselves. Contact me at for a Free Get Acquainted call and get yourself ready for your 2013 transformation.