Are they Pipe Dreams or are they Set in Stone? September 03 2013

Tomorrow evening is the Jewish holiday of Rosh HaShana which is the  Jewish New Year.  So for those of you who aren't Jewish why should you read this article – read on.  In the Jewish religion, one of the things that is done between tomorrow evening at sunset and 10 days from now, Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) is that it's the time to set your intentions for the upcoming year.  

So many of us have dreams.  We think about what we want and that's what it stays as, a dream.  If you want this dream to become a reality and become grounded write it down.

When you write  something down you are stating, even if its just for you, that you are serious about this  thing or goal and that you really want it to happen.

I was always told that if you take these 10 days to think about what you did last year that you'd like to change or release and write it down that magic can happen.   There are many prayers, and one which I always think of has a line in it “Who will live and who will die? …..”  It is believed that things are written in the book and sealed at the end of Yom Kippur (which is next Saturday, September 14th).  So, what do you want written in your book?  (it doesn't matter what religion you are in my eyes, it’s the energetics of your thoughts.)

The way I interpret this is that it is an opportunity to take some time to honestly look at your goals, look at where you are and where you want to go. It’s a time to reflect on those things you did last year that you enjoyed and those you’d like to change.  It’s a time to think about the beliefs you have and the stories that you tell yourself. 

Will you change that negative inner critic to start telling yourself something positive  instead of telling yourself that are fat OR will you tell yourself that you choose to eat healthy foods and you are getting thinner and thinner every day. It’s a time to really focus on what your priorities are with you, your work and your relationships.  It’s a time to think about the way you speak to both yourself and to others.

I’m going to spend time over the next 10 days thinking about all these things and then setting goals on what I choose to focus on over the coming year.  I invite you to do this with me.  Remember that you can be as specific as you want with your goals.

I also invite you, if you choose to send them to me and I will put them in a folder and we can look at them a year from now to see what you have accomplished. A ritual that you can do is to go to the beach, river, or a pond, stand at the edge of the water and allow the water to take away what doesn't serve you.  

To me it’s about starting over – removing the old gunk and creating new patterns. What patterns will serve you this coming year?  What goals do you want to accomplish?

From my family to yours, I wish you a year filled with good health,  success and lots of laughter. L'Shana Tova.


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