Make Ginger Honey – Cold Season’s coming September 08 2013

The combination of ginger and honey is extremely powerful.

By making Ginger Honey now, you’ll have it on hand for use when you need it. (but you may need to make it again, as you may use it up as it’s so delicious).  Recipe listed below

Ginger’s benefits:

  • Anti-spasmodic
      • helps stop nausea, relives motion sickness and helps prevent morning sickness for pregnant women.
  • Anti-inflammatory
    • Helps relieve many inflammatory disorders such as arthritis by decreasing the swelling
  • Anti-coagulant
    •  helps make the blood platelets less sticky which may reduce your risk of atherosclerosis
  • Got a fever?
    • Possesses expectorant qualities and is great for those with colds, flu, or infections
    • , ginger may help reduce the fever (besides drinking tea with ginger honey, a wonderful thing to do is take a big chunk of ginger – about 4 inches, chop it up and simmer in a pot with a gallon of water – keep a few cups of this to drink, but take most of the water, strain it and add it to a hot bath.  Drink a cup of the tea with some honey while you are taking the bath and then get right in your bed.
  • Got a cough
    • either drink lots of ginger tea or add the ginger/honey to any other tea or hot lemon water.  Ginger is soothing and helps clear up phlegm.
  • Heartburn, Indigestion, Nausea
    • A nice tea to make is mint with a little fresh lime and ginger honey.   It’s great after a heavy meal or when you aren't feeling well
  • Got Gas?
    • Make a cup of tea with the ginger honey a few times a day, it should help reduce your gas.
  • Fatiqued?
    • Either slice ginger into discs and add a cinnamon stick add to water, boil it and then simmer it for approx. ½ hour.  This will help relieve fatigue whether from recovering from fever or when you are recovering from muscle pain or soreness.

Recipe for Ginger Honey

Start with a hunk of fresh ginger (organic if possible)
Chop up a chunk of it into tiny pieces,
You want to fill 1/2 to 1/3 of your jar
Fill jar up with raw honey. When you pour the honey in the jar it will sit at the top of the ginger - you will need to stir it- use either a knife or I like to use a chopstick - you'll want to stir it to both release the air bubbles as well as integrate the honey and the ginger
Fill the jar all the way up to the top with honey.  I like to let the jar sit covered for a minimum of a week - but you can begin to use it within a few hours if you just can't wait :)

  I hope you love this as much as I do.   Please leave me a comment below and share,  I'd love to hear from you.