Happy Spring Equinox March 20 2014

The image to the right was taken last year on March 1st in my yard, not so today, March 20th,.....  

Even though today will have equal day and night, the ground is just too frozen for the plants to come up.  I'm guessing we'll see this happen in the next week or so....

The spring equinox is many times referred to as Ostara whose name  came from a German goddess of spring, fertility and rebirth.  It's the time when we we celebrate the rebirth of the sun and are thankful for the return of spring. Today day and night are equally balanced and we are about to tip over to the side of the light.  Astrologically we move into the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.  

I loved the beginning of the explanation of astrology-online.com "Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to start—and the first to finish—whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energetic sign. People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same from others, and are baffled when they don't always get it. "   I can so appreciate this as this is my astrological sign.

It's a time for new beginnings.  We see eggs symbolizing the Spring equinox, Eggs symbolize birth and new beginnings.  I see seeds as new beginnings of plants.  I planted many of the seeds for my vegetable garden just the other day and what do you know, many of them germinated today on the spring equinox.  These seeds hold the potential of the new life of the plants and their medicine.

So, today, lets take a few minutes to think of the seeds you want to sow this year.  Are they seeds from plants to grow nutritious food to feed you and your family or are they the seeds of wisdom, patience, abundance?   What seeds do you want to plant this spring.  

Leave a comment below and let me know what you are planting.