Spring has finally arrived April 11 2014

What do you hear in your mind when spring is here? One of the things I do is  volunteer by helping create the "bloom list" at Teatown Nature Preserve.  There is a small island assess-able by a small bridge where 230 Native American plants live.  Every week I go on the island with another volunteer and we map out all the plants that are flowering so that when someone goes for a tour they will have the correct names of the plants.  This week was my first time on the island this year and it made me so happy.
As you walk over the bridge to the island something special happens, every time.  It doesn't matter what stress level I come to the island with, by the time I walk across the bridge there is a state of calm in my body.

 Amazing, every time.  When you bring anyone over to the island they tell you the same thing.  There's just something special about it.  It's the few hours in my week that I know are stress free and boy could we all use that.  Sometimes I think that I should just bring some of my clients there as their anxiety would melt away. 2014-04-11 17.07.04Another of the things that I do every year that signifies spring to me is to plant pansies.  In the past, come St Patricks day, March 17th, I plant my pansies.  This year the window box was filled with frozen soil.  It appears that spring is 2 weeks behind this year.  My guess is that within a month the plants will catch up.  Even my dandelions haven't showed up yet.  But my daffodils are ready to pop, check them out spring daffodils     I get so excited when spring comes as its time to teach my medicine making classes and teach others about the magic of the plants.  Some of the plants are medicinal and can make an enormous difference in your health.  What a blessing they are for us.  So what does spring signify for you?  What do you do when spring arrives? Leave me a comment below.      
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