Take this Test - Are you Overly Acidic?

Do the tests below apply to you?

Lifestyle Markers

  • I eat fast foods, fried foods, colas or desserts more than  twice a week.
  • I eat red meat or red meat dishes more than twice a week.
  • I frequently use acidic condiments like vinegar or soy sauce. (Vinegar is in most dressings like ketchup and mustard.)
  • I regularly consume processed and refined foods that contain chemical additives.
  • I regularly consume breads and baked goods made with white flour and sugar.
  • I consume a lot of sugar or diet sweeteners.
  • I eat few fruits and vegetables.
  • I drink more than one cup of coffee or tea a day.
  • I frequently take Vitamin C, aspirin or antibiotics.
  • I drink alcohol frequently.
  • I have a history of cigarette smoking.
  • I frequently travel by plane.
  • I have strong negative emotions like anger, hurt or jealousy.

Performance Markers

  • I often feel exhausted after vigorous exercise or work.
  • I often experience fatigue or lack of stamina.
  • I run out of breath when running up stairs or walking briskly.
  • I am physically and mentally tired after an hour of desk work.
  • I am pessimistic, with little initiative.
  • I do not think or remember things as clearly as I used to.
  • I work out very hard in the gym feeling the "burn" in my muscles.
  • I am on a very vigorous cardio routine.

Physical Markers

  • I have thin, porous bones.
  • I have poorly developed muscles.
  • I often experience muscle stiffness and soreness.
  • I am over fifty years old.
  • I have frequent upset stomach or acid reflux.
  • I have high blood pressure or poor blood circulation.
  • I have an ulcer or diabetes.
  • I have occasional blurry vision.
  • I have migraine headaches.

Medical History Markers

  • I catch colds and flu frequently.
  • I am susceptible to heartburn, canker cores, food and environmental allergies, and sore throat.
  • I have a history of (are affected by) osteoporosis, arthritis, gout, lung disease or kidney disease.
These are just a small list of indicators of an acidic condition but the absolute best way to be sure is to go to your local drug store and buy some PH testing strips or call me 914-923-4346 as I stock them.  Follow the instructions on the package. test your urine and saliva 3 times a day for 3 days, this will give you an overall average reading of your level of acidity. Remember that the PH scale is similar to the Rictor scale in that for every point a tenfold affect takes place. so a 7.0 is dramatically better than a 6.0.  A 7.5 would be ideal and a 6.0 is extremely acidic.