waterfiltersIf you are drinking tap water from your municipal source and you do nothing else to your water - please take a look at this water filter.  The C-3 Water Filter will not only make your water taste wonderful, it will remove harmful contaminants while keeping the healthy minerals intact.  Many of you are either drinking water from plastic water bottles or using filters that don't remove things like fluoride and heavy metals.  Please feel free to contact me concerning this at bonnie@radianthealthforlife.com The Chanson Water C3 Pre-Filter is the ultimate in water filtration technology. Harmful contaminants such as fluoride, chlorine, lead, arsenic, sulfur, pesticides and nitrate can cause sickness and health problems over years of ingestion. The C3 Pre-Filter is designed to put forth water that removes harmful contaminants without removing healthy minerals and other important properties from the water. Recently the C3 was reconfigured to Protect Against 99% of Chloramines Chanson Water noticed a trend towards increased chloramine usage by municipalities. In order to provide their customers with the ultimate protection, the C3 was reconfigured to protect the user from up to 99% of chloramines. This new Chanson filter configuration has replaced the original C3 Pre-Filter and is now what is exclusively sold to Chanson customers and dealers.  The C3 unit is a filtration system that uses a direct filtering process to produce healthy drinking water that still contains healthy mineral content.   Perfect for use with a water ionizer! C3 filters last approximately a whole year!   Three Stages of Filtration Each C3 canister is devoted to addressing a different set of harmful chemicals, heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, chloramines, and over 100 additional contaminants.       STAGE 1: KDF-55/Super Carbon - Heavy metals, bacteria, sulfur, pesticides, and nitrates. STAGE 2: Activated Alumina - Fluoride, lead, and arsenic. STAGE 3: Catalytic Carbon - Chloramines, bad taste and odor Advantages Over a Reverse Osmosis System Did you know that a Reverse Osmosis (R/O) system not only completely strips your water of its healthy mineral content, but also wastes approximately five gallons of water to every one gallon you drink? The C3 Pre-Filter uses a direct filtering process to produce healthy drinking water that still contains healthy mineral content, without all the water waste. Can Be Used Alone or in Conjunction With A Water Ionizer The Chanson C3 Pre-Filter can be used on its own or in conjunction with a water ionizer, because unlike R/O systems, it allows valuable minerals through for the ionizer to ionize, and for your body to absorb. No need for a storage tank due to the "on demand" water supply and great flow rate. The C3 Pre-Filtration unit comes with two different filter sets, one for city water and one for well water. One of three install setups can be selected upon checkout: - C3 Standard (for use without a water ionizer or for use with an under counter ionizer such as the VS-70) - C3-MUC (for use with all brands of countertop water ionizer with the filter installed undersink) - C3-C (for use with all brands of countertop ionizer with the filter installed on the counter) All Chanson filters have full lifetime warranty on the housings hoses and fittings. Should your filter housing, hoses or fittings ever become damaged for any reason just give us a call and we will mail replacements to you right away. $198.91  plus shipping (call for exact amount)


Height: 12" Width: 12.5" Depth: 4" Power Consumption: None Water Pressure: 5-90 PSI Effective Flow Rate: 4 LPM (Liter per minute) Max Flow Rate: 8 LPM (Liter per minute) Filter Life: 4,000 Gallons or 12 Months, which ever comes first. Replacement Filters: Filter Replacement Pack Chanson C3 Pre-filter, the best way to get clean