Crystal Free

Crystal Free A common problem for many animals, especially male cats, is Urinary tract crystals. The usual method of treatment is a catheter and antibiotics and recurrence of this problem is almost inevitable. Crystal Free has three groups of herbs that really work at the root cause of the problem. One group actually makes the animal thirsty so they urinate more frequently and flush out any accumulations. The second group dissolves the stones or sludge by using chicken gizzard lining along with herbs. The third group helps open the urethra to expel any crystal material. It can be used as a treatment or as maintenance without fear of side effects, especially when diet and surgery have not helped. It appears to alleviate pain and restore pH balance and can be used for both preventative and acute conditions. Ingredients: Poria, Alisma, Atractylodes, Polyporus , Cinnamon Twig, Nei Jing & Jin Qian Cao 2 oz. $23.00