As many of you know I teach classes at Lakeland Continuing Ed, Hilltop Hanover Farms and at my office.   It appears that a few of the classes that I am teaching at Lakeland had the wrong instructor on it, so if you wanted to take the class with me I thought I would let you know.

For all the lakeland classes the info is: 914-245-1700, x 550
7:30-9:00 P.M. / Lakeland Copper Beach Middle School-338
FEE: $15  

Body and Mind -Spring Clean Out with Herbs

Use easy-to-find, inexpensive herbs to detoxify and clean out your body after the long winter. Taste herbal teas that rejuvenate your mind and body and lift your spirits as we enter into Spring. Take home an herbal preparation that you make yourself and recipes for delicious herbal concoctions that will get you feeling spring cleaned. A $5 materials fee is payable to the instructor.
Instructor listed: Margaret Von Der Meden - I'm teaching this class

Saturday, 4/1  (yes, April Fool’s day)
$20  or $85 for series of 5 classes

Herbs for Health  - Spring Cleaning

Instead of spending money on harsh chemicals to clean your home that can be harmful to your family’s health, come learn how to use simple, inexpensive, safe ingredients to make your own cleaning supplies. You’ll receive recipes as well as make one preparation to take home $5 material fee.

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7:30-9:00 P.M. / Lakeland Copper Beach Middle School -333
FEE: $15

Make Your Own Organic Skin Cream

Are you tired of putting skin cream on your body when you can’t even pronounce the ingredients nor have any idea what they are? Would you like to have a healthy, organic, inexpensive way to have beautiful skin? Join us as we make a wonderful, herbal skin cream out of ingredients you will find in your kitchen. $5 material fee to take home a jar of skin cream you make yourself! A $5 materials fee is payable to the instructor for samples to try at home.
7:30-9:00 P.M. / Lakeland High School-190
FEE: $15

It Takes Guts to be Healthy

They say we are what we eat, but I like to say we are what we absorb. If our digestive tract is not working  optimally, we aren’t nourishing our body and disease happens. If you are living with fatigue, stress, bloating, acid reflux, IBS, heartburn, or inflammation, I’d encourage you to join us to learn dietary and herbal choices you can make to achieve optimum health.
MONDAY, 4/24
7:30-9:00 P.M. / Lakeland High School-190
FEE: $15

NEW! Non-Toxic Green Cleaning Solutions for Your Home

Don't spend money on harsh chemicals to clean your home that can harm your family’s health. Learn how to make simple, inexpensive cleaning supplies that do a great job! Take home a sample jar of home cleaner you make yourself and "formulas" to make more at home! A $5 materials fee is payable to the instructor.
Instructor listed: Margaret Von Der Meden - I'm teaching this class

7:30-9:00 P.M. / Lakeland High School-190
FEE: $15

NEW! Healthy Gummy Candy for your Family

Learn how to make healthy "gummies" that taste delicious and infuse your body with good ingredients to build your immune system, clear up your gut, and make you feel wonderful. Give your kids “sweets” that keep them healthy. See how easy it is to make your own in class. Take some home, along with recipes to make more yourself. A $5 material fee for teas and tastes is payable to instructor at workshop.

Herbal Medicine Making Series  - I hope you’ll join me to get a deeper understanding of how the herbs can help heal your body.  We’ll make lots of tinctures, vinegars, oils and so much more.  You’ll learn 2 herbs in depth each session.

Instead of popping a pill, herbal medicine gives you a different way of healing your body. Making your own medicines from plants that grow all around us is extremely empowering. Creating your own medicines not only can make you healthier but it can save you a lot of money.

In this program we will work with a few different herbs each evening.  We'll work with them when they are at their prime for your medicine.  You 'll learn what they look like when they are still growing and then will transform them into tinctures, vinegar, syrups, salves, and much more.

The herbs are magical, but creating your own medicines is not difficult.

For each class you'll not only learn about the herbs, make your medicines but you'll taste teas and much more.
There are 2 sessions  - you can do one or both.  If you need to pay in a payment plan, just contact me directly at 914-923-4346 or email me at
First session: May 2, 16, 30, June 13, 27, July 11, 25
Second session:  September 5,12, 26, October 3, 17, November 7. 21
The class is offered in the morning from 9:30 - 11:30 AM  OR  in the evening from 7:30 - 9:30 PM  but you can always come the other time if it works for you that day.
All classes take place at my office  13 Tappan Terrace, Briarcliff, NY  10510
Sign up at  or just give a call 914-923-4346
Saturday, May 20
10 am – noon/ Hilltop Hanover Farm

Spring Weed Walk
Spring is an excellent season to learn to identify delicious and healing wild plants. Join Bonnie Rogers on a weed walk around Hilltop Hanover Farm and learn firsthand the vast selection of spring weeds that are edible, nutritious, and medicinal. We should find plantain, dandelion, violet, nettles, chickweed and so much more. You'll learn when and where to find and harvest these green gifts of nature, enjoy some delicious herbal tea and sample and received the recipe for a wild weed pesto.

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I hope you'll join me for some of these classes.  I love to share the magic of the plants with all of you.