Instead of popping a pill, herbal medicine gives you a different way of healing your body.  Making your own medicines from plants that grow all around us is extremely empowering.  Creating your own medicines not only can make you healthier but it can save you a lot of money.

In this program we will work with a few different herbs each evening.  We'll work with them when they are at their prime for your medicine.  You 'll learn what they look like when they are still growing and then will transform them into tinctures, vinegars, syrups, salves, and much more.

The herbs are magical, but creating your own medicines is not difficult.

For each class you'll not only learn about the herbs, make your medicines but you'll taste teas and much more.

This is a series of classes - since the series began in July I am offering limited spaces for the remainder of the classes 
Click on the following link to sign up:

Dates for this remainder of the classes are Mon. Sept 22,  Thurs Oct 9, Tuesday October 28

You can sign up for individual classes or contact me for more info.