Looking for the best blender for your green smoothies? You don't have to have a fancy or expensive blender to make smoothies (or green smoothies). Pretty much any blender can make them, but there really is a difference in what you get out of a quality blender.What I have found is that when I make a smoothie with a plain inexpensive blender that there are always chunks of greens and I can't get it smooth. Recently I found that the Nutribullet is the only inexpensive blender I would recommend.  I purchased a Vitamix 26 years ago and have been using it since - I just recently upgraded to the new one.
One of my favorite kitchen gadgets...... The Vitamix.  (and if you know me, you'll know that I'm the kitchen gadget queen, but this baby is my favorite and is used daily) I have been using a Vitamix for almost 26 years.  What a fabulous machine.  If you've ever tried to make a green smoothie in a blender that is not a high powered blender, it just doesn't have the same consistancy.
I use this machine daily, if not 3-4 times per day.  Just today I made my morning green smoothie, coconut bites (made from shredded coconut and coconut oil ummmmm), fresh coconut milk, salad dressing and the day's not done yet.  I highly recommend this machine to many of my clients.