Looking for the best blender for green smoothies? You don't have to have a fancy or expensive blender to make smoothies (or green smoothies). Pretty much any blender can make them, but there really is a difference in what you get out of a quality blender. What I have found is that when I make a smoothie with a plain inexpensive blender that there are always chunks of greens and I can't get it smooth. The only low cost blender I would recommend is the Nutribullet. I purchased a Vitamix 26 years ago and have been using it since - I just recently upgraded to the new one. Why I love the Vitamix....
  • makes amazing smoothies
  • I can make my own fresh coconut milk from organic dried shredded coconut
  • blends my nut butters
  • makes my nut balls really smooth (much smoother than my food processor)
  • makes hot soup
  • and so much more.
Vitamix Blender