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If you are ready to Walk Your Path to Wellness - I'm here to help.

My job is to make this process easy for you. It’s to recommend simple solutions that can shift your health overnight. It’s to allow you to love the food you are eating and to give you easy recipes.

We'll start by going through your history and coming up with a plan for you.  Depending on how you choose to work you'll go all in or you'll take baby steps.  There's no race, you choose. I'll be there to walk with you along your path.

Together we'll come up with a custom herbal plan for you. My goal is to use the least amount of herbs to do the most work. Herbs have this uncanny ability to be able to do multiple things at the same time.

I will work with you to inspire you to become the person that you desire to be.

 ” Bonnie is a well-versed and highly trained herbalist. Importantly, she is uniquely able to take a holistic and systemic perspective of what ails the body, and importantly, the spirit. Anyone who works with her will benefit from her gifts. “

- R. A., Katonah, NY

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