How Can drinking Alkaline Water Help Your Health and Your Wallet?

CHANSON WATER IS: ALKALINE * IONIZED * MICROCLUSTERED * STRUCTURED * ELECTROLYZED Alkaline Ionized Water is the most natural anti-aging treatment known to man. It is an anti-oxidant that is many of times more powerful than Vitamin C. Your body is 70% water... Give yourself the best! ELECTROLYZED WATER RESTORES CELL FUNCTION: ALKALINE WATER IS ELECTRICALLY CHARGED DRINKING WATER THAT HAS ANTI-OXIDANT AND VITAL LIFE-GIVING PROPERTIES. THE WATER DONATES ELECTRONS TO FREE RADICALS (POSITIVELY CHARGED IONS) IN YOUR BODY, REDUCING OXIDATION OF CELLS. OXIDATION IS THE MAJOR CONTRIBUTOR TO YOUR BODY'S PHYSICAL STRESS AND AGING. Increases Hydration: Electrolyzed water is broken down into smaller molecule clusters due to its electric charge. The tiny polarized water clusters are able to pass through smaller pathways in cells, allowing deeper penetration and hydration of these parts. Ionic alkaline water is up to six times more hydrating than conventional neutral water! and Neutralizes Acids: Most Americans have overly-acidic diets, resulting in degeneration, disease, and a multitude of related health issues. Water Ionizers create alkaline (high pH) water that reduces acid diet levels in your body, lowering your body's need to utilize bone and muscle tissue to buffer acidic foods and drinks into a neutral pH state. People with alkaline diets have more energy and better overall health.

The bottom line:

Is your body being attacked by sickness or disease?

  • Using a water ionizer can give your immune system a major health boost.

Do you want to save long term money by drinking the best water straight from your tap?

  • A water ionizer will deliver the best tasting, ionized alkaline water, allowing you to recoup your investment within 2-3 years.

Enjoy increased energy, improved mental clarity, increased fat burning, disease prevention, and much more.

Save Your Wallet and Your Backyard at the Same Time: The average American spends over $500.00 per year on bottled water*. Instead, drink the world's healthiest water and cut down on un-natural plastic bottles that do the environment harm. Buy a water ionizer and/or filtration system and drink amazingly healthy water straight from your tap as a fantastic alternative to unhealthy store water and disposable bottles! You can purchase a Lifefactory water bottle and bring bottled ionized alkaline water wherever you go! Learn more about alkaline water benefits. See our Alkaline Water Ionizers See our Alkaline Water Filters