Are you Ready to Kick Your Pain and Dryness to the Curb?

Are frustration, anger, feeling miserable "down there"
part of your everyday feelings?

Would you like to feel comfortable in your body?

Hi I'm Bonnie Rogers.  I'm an herbalist and wellness coach with a goal of helping people nourish their bodies and eliminate their pain.

 I've been receiving calls from clients who were really tired and frustrated with their vaginal pain and dryness.  Their comments were similar to: "so now I don't need to worry about getting pregnant but now its too painful" For some it was due to menopause and for many others they had been diagnosed with breast cancer, ended up on Tamoxifen and boom, they began experiencing vaginal pain and dryness and some of them were in their 30's. This just isn't right. If this sounds like you, read on.

As I began to research their best options I was appalled to see what was on the market. My client's doctors recommended products like rePhresh and Replens.  As I do with all products I research their ingredients.  (glycerin, polycarbophil, carbomer, homopolymer type b, ethylparaben sodium, methylparaben sodium, propylparaben sodium, sodium hydroxide, carbomer 934P, glycerin, hydrogenated palm oil, glyceride, mineral oil, polycarbophil, purified water and sorbic acid).   Wow, I wouldn't want these ingredients on my body, especially on my tender vaginal tissue? Would you?
After searching around, I found the most amazing products.  Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter. They are made of only Organic Oils, you only need to use only a small amount and they work.  

So, What's the Difference between Boudoir Butter and Sex Butter?

  • Made from all organic plant based (vegan) oils (Organic Oils : Shea, Cocoa, Coconut, Jojoba, and Grapeseed Oil)
  • Paraben-free, Hormone-free, Chemical free, Synthetic perfume-free, Irritant free, Silicone-free
  • The only difference: Sex Butter has a few essential oils in it including peppermint, Boudoir Butter has none of them  – If you are sensitive to essential oils or if you feel the peppermint will sting, choose Boudoir Butter – at least for the first few months   Some like one better, some the other, there doesn's seem to be a clear consensus.   - If you need help choosing, feel free to email me or give me a call 914-923-4346
  • 100% Food grade 
  • Edible ingredients
  • 20-40 uses (you only need a little- you’ll use less than a dime size)
  • Clean feeling Soothing Silky feeling Clean and easy to use (non sticky) 
  • Use with a partner or alone

What I see in my practice is that so many women are struggling with sexual issues.  They are ashamed of something and just speaking about their sexual pain is painful in itself.  I feel blessed to be able to offer a product that not only lubricates but helps you to feel good about yourself and to allow you to feel sexy again.

I have to mention:   many of my clients want nothing to do with anything that has to do with sex.  They just want to be able to walk around, go through the day without feeling like they have pain "down there" , dryness, itching and discomfort.  If the word sex has a negative impact on you, use the Boudoir Butter, it works just as well, in fact I have a gynecologist who refers me business and her clients use the Boudoir Butter more often, its all about personal preference.

When I was first introduced to Sex Butter I tried it myself and had some clients trial it.  For myself, I was just going into menopause and my vaginal tissues had begun to be consistently dry.  Intercourse was painful. It's supposed to feel good, not painful.  Sex Butter has allowed me to feel good again and this is what i hear from people all the time. ~Bonnie

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