For all of those who joined and participated in this call, thanks so much.  For those who couldn't get on the call due to issues with the conference call line, I apologize.  Below is the replay of the call.  

If you are new to this page and didn't register for the call, I would greatly appreciate it if you would register by clicking here so that I can follow up with you when I have new calls that you may be interested in.  

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the following is information that I emailed to everyone who had signed up for the call:

I'd like to thank you for taking part in tonight's talk on Leaky Gut and for those who couldn't access the call I want to apologize.  

I'm not sure what happened, will call the conference people tomorrow, it cut me off, had a hard time getting back on and got lots of emails of people who tried a ton of times and couldn't get in.  I'm glad the people that did get in were there.  

Whether you called in just to learn what this is or you are suffering with Leaky Gut I want to thank you and honor you for taking the time out of your evening to spend it with me. (or out of your day if you are listening to the replay - link below)

As I mentioned on the call our food can make a huge difference in how our body reacts to things, how it can
heal or how it can remain messed up.

One of the most important things I feel is missing for people is that their body is way too acidic. They need to create an alkaline environment for their health.  I love the use of alkaline water to help everyone along the way. It's changed my life and the health of my family and clients.  For many years I recommended electric alkaline ionizers (and yes I still recommend and use myself) but for many they come at too high a price. (If you would like info on the electric ones, please let me know)

Recently I've been experimenting with a non-electric ionizer that is very cost effective. You can get their whole system with the best filters or you can start with just the pitcher. The cost on the pitcher is $59 and you will be able to drink alkaline water all day long and begin to change your body's pH. Click here for a link  

After looking at many supplement companies I decided that this company had really good products that could help not only my clients heal, but my family uses them also.  To get to the store go to  at the checkout you can use my discount code HEALTH20% to receive a 20% discount on all products on the Designs for Health site.  I'm going to list below some of my favorite products, feel free to play around on the site or email me or call me 914-923-4346 with any questions.

Some of my favorite products :

fish oil - any of the Omeg Avail  I personally use the liquid but the capsules are great also.

PurePaleo™ Protein   - a paleo protein powder comes in chocolate and vanilla and tastes great

GI Revive   - a fabulous supplement to begin to heal your gut, comes in both powder and capsules
Aloe 200x    - helps in rebalancing your gut
Adrenatone  - helpful at rebalancing you adrenals.
Just look around ask me if you have a question and keep the link at discount code to use in the future.
On the call we spoke about the Perfect Pickler - its a good proof way of making your own lacto fermented vegetables to heal your gut. click here  
For many people they can do this all themselves, others need some assistance.  As an herbalist and health coach what I do is to create custom food plans and herbal protocols for my clients.  I can do a one time consult or most of my clients prefer a 3 month program so that we can continue to tweak their plans to work just for them.  For taking part in my call tonight I'd like to offer you a 20% off discount on a consult or a program (the programs include all custom herbal protocols)
To sign up for a complementary Get Acquainted session (15 minutes)  click here
I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions.
Here's to a healthy gut.