If you were directed to this page, chances are you're living with or are in remission from breast cancer and you are living with vaginal pain and dryness.  This pain and dryness may be caused from Tamoxifen, Chemotherapy, your body being thrown into full menopause or just something unrelated.

The bottom line is what can you do about it.  Most of the medical community wants you to use a product that is filled with parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic perfumes, gmo, toxins, cancer causing ingredients and even hormones.  There are some that feel that estrogen is fine for you, You make the decision.

Sex Butter and Boudoir Butter are organic vaginal moisturizers or what I like to call a lubricant-alternative.

They are free of hormones, GMO, parabens, chemicals, silicone, glycerine, petroleum oil, sugar, sweetners, dyes and synthetic perfumes.

Both Sex Butter and our NEW Boudoir Butter are unique moisturizers with a butter-like consistency which allow a woman to reclaim her body and feel incredible.

Stori Nagel has arranged a discount code for you to use:

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  • YouAreBeautiful10% will give you an 10% discount for future purchases.
  • I will also be giving 5% of your purchase back to support Stori's programs based on purchases made with those discount codes.

What is the difference between the two products?

Sex Butter has some essential oil including some peppermint oil.  For those who are super dry it may sting and you may want to begin with the Boudoir Butter which is similar without the essential oils.

If you're not sure which one is for you, please just call me at 914-923-4346 (I'm in NY) and I''ll be happy to discuss it with you.

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