As an herbalist and a health coach I'm continually looking for products for my clients that really work. The following are just some of the products I use with my private clients as well as others that are looking for a  healthy solution.

 Many that I know are suffering from pain. Are you one of these people?

  • If your pain is vaginal pain from dryness due to menopause, chemotherapy, medications or something else look at our Sex Butter product.  Sex Butter has been shown to help women return to the world of intimate relationships. Some women will say "I'm as dry as Sahara"  If this sounds  like you,......

    If your pain is caused by Fibromyalgia, Endometriosis, Muscle spasms and cramps, Arthritis, Psoriasis, Menstrual cramps or something else take a serious look at the Neuroquell, ProSirona and Menastil products.  

    "I have been experiencing shoulder pain that gets worse at night when my shoulder isn't moving. Neuroquell feels amazing. First it warms the area and I feel it deep inside my shoulder, taking away the pain. Then it feels cool, and I can sleep." J Reichman

  • Yesterday I had a call with a client who was using Neuroquell for a shoulder pain, he said "I had a back pain the other day and rubbed this on it, I can't believe how fast and effective it is"
    These are the results I've personally seen with these products:

    • I had Achilles tendon pain and within seconds I was pain free and within a week I didn't have any more pain.
    • My sister had tingling in her fingers from a neck issue, I used it on her neck and her fingers and the pain stopped immediately. She used it about 5 times and found she didn't need to go to the chiropractor.
    • My friends son had a kidney stone, I had him put it over the kidney and he said to his mom not 30 seconds later, "is this magic, I have no more pain"  (the stone was still there and I had him on an herbal protocol but he didn't have the awful bend over excruciating pain he's had in the past - and yes we got him to pass the stone without surgery)
    • Recently I've had a few young women with endometriosis pain.  Within seconds of applying the Menastil their pain subsided, even when on strong doses of pain killers that weren't touching the pain

    When it comes to your pets health - the Pet Health nutritional supplement has been magic for many of my clients, it's put the pizazz back into them, they're arthritis isn't flaming up as much, their digestive is great and they just have a newfound energy.

    and if you have a cat or dog with crystals - look at Crystal Clear, I have many clients for years who stay on this product because it keeps their pets from forming crystals.  Even when the veterinarian has given them no hope, I've seen this chinese herbal product work.

    For many of you, it's not only a simple product that can remove dryness, pain or some other form of discomfort for you. For many of you, simple lifestyle changes will help you feel better in the body you were given and allow you the freedom to live a life filled with healing miracles.  IF I can be a part of that change, you need to chat to see if I can help I sincerely hope you'll schedule my 15 minute free get acquainted meeting.  I would be honored to be a part of your healing.  You Deserve to Feel Great, Energetic and Alive