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Sex Butter Logo A short comment: I though a lot about offering this product on my site. As  you know, when I look at products they must be 100% organic, safe hormone-free, paraben-free and chemical free. I work with many peri-menopausal women and menopausal women who suffer from pain and dryness so often associated with intimacy in addition to women who have had sexual trauma in their lives. What I found with Sex Butter is that not only is it an amazing lubricant but it keeps the body moist while increasing sensation and the ease of having orgasms. I asked a client of mine who mentioned to me that she has been very dry and in pain to test the product for me. This is what I got back from her "I liked it and want more." Below is the story of why the product was created.

Like nothing you have ever tried before.

  • Sex Butter is made from all natural and organic oils
 Paraben-free, hormone-free, personal lubricant and enhancement
  •  Promotes faster, longer, more intense, and more satisfying orgasms
  •  Sex Butter is designed for women and men
 It is for use with a partner or alone
  • Safe for any sexual activity, 100% edible
 Cleans and stimulates the vaginal area
  • May soothe the mild dryness associated with the effects of peri-menopause and menopause
  • Smells of dark chocolate with a hint of mint
  • Feels soothing and silky smooth
  • Clean and easy to use
  • A little goes a long way
  •  It is completely safe for all your lovely parts…*
  • Great for sex, amazing for your skin, and lovely anywhere you choose to use it*
  • For All Your Lovely Parts...
  • Sex Butter is made of organic essential oil free from parabens and other harmful chemicals; created for women, for sex, to increase female orgasm, multiple orgasms, sensuality, arousal and passion.
  • Sex Butter is a natural lubricant, an organic lubricant, or a personal lubricant, for painful sex, a dryness lubricant, especially caused by perimenopause and menopause.
  • Sex butter can also be helpful for men experiencing premature ejaculation. Use
  • Sex Butter to bring you into femininity, use it for a sensual massage, and most of all use it to make sex fun and enjoyable.*

Sex Butter product imageTo Purchase:

Introducing Travel size individual packets of Sex Butter Each pillow pack is good for 3-5 uses.  It will arrive in a beautiful lavendar organza bag containing 3 individual pillow packs. $10.00 Jar of Sex Butter Made from Natural Oils of: Coconut, shea, cocoa, jojoba, grape seed, and proprietary blend of essential oils. Hormone and paraben free. $34.95 PLEASE NOTE: The beads in the butter are normal and will melt with body heat.  If you receive the butter and it is liquified, refrigerate for about half an hour and it should be back to a buttery state.
Natural Ingredients This product is 100% pure and natural, hormone-free, paraben-free, and free of synthetics; specially formulated in the high altitude clean mountain air of New Mexico straight from the alchemist’s apothecary.  The butter is formulated not only to be fun but also very moisturizing to the skin. The all natural ingredients are: Coconut Oil, Shea butter, Cocoa butter, Jojoba oil, Grape Seed oil, and a Proprietary Blend of essential oils. *Sex Butter is not intended to be used as a diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.  Sex Butter has healing properties, but we do not make any claims to be a cure for any condition.  All medical decisions should be made with the help of your private practitioner, if you have a medical condition or need medical care or are on medication, please consult your physician. Sex Butter does not prevent pregnancy or sexually transmitted disease, please use all appropriate preventive measures while engaging in sexual activity. Click here for video's on what sex butter can be used for

Success Stories

"I discovered a new use for the oh-so-fab Sex Butter. A sinus cold seems to think I like it & it's been around for almost a week now. SO - this morning I used the sex butter as a carrier for my 'breathe' essential oil. Mixed it up, rubbed it all over my chest and neck and in MINUTES can breathe easily through my nose and chest. Love it! Love you! xo." — Deborah Rachel Kagan "I will always have a jar or four of Sex Butter around the house. Not only is it amazing for intimacy it is the BEST facial moisturizer I have ever used for my ultra-sensitive skin (fabulous as a base for make-up, too). I really believe it's a little miracle in a jar.  Love that you're sharing Sex Butter, Bonnie!"  — Cythia Osiecki "Sex Butter changed my whole essence, both “inside” and “out”… and I do mean inside!" — Bonnie Stern, Co-Founder Sex Butter "I received a sample of this wonderful concoction from my colleague. I must say I am very impressed. The smell is very pleasant and the scent is fresh & natural. It feels tingly when you first put it on, then cool and then warm, it changes sensations as you continue rubbing. It was a whole new experience! The texture is literally like butter, but it's not greasy, more like real old fashioned butter made from real cream, if you can remember that. It lasts... and lasts... and lasts... long after you are done, leaving you with a very "naughty" disposition the whole time you can feel it...I really enjoyed it and I will recommend it from now on to All my patients. I think it will also be a lot of fun for men. Men like to feel nice too! Makes me wish I had more so I could let them try it at our sessions, LOL. I know they would love it as much as I did." —Dr. Grace G: Sexology expert "I'm a believer! In the past, I rarely used lubrication. It needed constant re-application and it was messy. Thanks to this product, I have discovered a better way to enjoy the intimate moments. Sex Butter is long-lasting and has a great consistency, even improving my sensation. Did I mention the scent? It's intoxicating." — M. S. "My fiancé and I normally don't use lubricants because we don't need them... Now I'm literally running to the drawer to use it every time.  Sex Butter enhanced our experience in ways I never thought it could. Everyone should try Sex Butter!!" — L. “It makes for yummy fireworks! No kidding!”— C. J. "We want to thank you for the opportunity to try your “butter” as we loved it!  I personally liked the minty fresh smell and the tingling sensation once applied to the desired areas.  The thing I loved most was that once it was applied, it gets very warm making the experience wonderful.  My boyfriend and I had a lot of fun with it!" — S. & T. "I tried Sex Butter for self-pleasure & really enjoyed it. I was also more aware/connected to my sensual self all day - not in an aroused way - felt more connected to "all" of me. Thank you! I am so supportive of your product and your vision. :-) ...I am not one that gives "fluff" or false compliments or is easily impressed."  Many Blessings, S. This stuff WORKS!  Yaay!" — K. J. Addicted to the Butter! :) — S.H. YES...I've tried it...IT ROCKS!!! — C.K. Everything really IS better with Butter! I’m such a devotee. Sex Butter Is travel friendly so your vacays can be butter-tastic! — L.S. Love it! — C.B. Yes, I've included (Sex Butter) in my new book. — A.C. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful product, sweetie.  — A.M. Thanks for the samples! I love it and it sure does make you tingle! — D.D. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the Sex Butter. Thank you sooo much, it’s awesome!!! — D.F. Sex Butter is pretty amazing!  I will be ordering my refill very soon :) — L.G. Send me some of that Sex Butter lol! Totally sold on just the name :) — T.P. LOVE the Sex Butter! Actually wanted to ask you where to get more... — M.B. Sex Butter ROCKS! — F.H. Thank you! From just the effect of external sampling, I have already started recommending it to friends. I am anxious for my inner goddess to experience full effect! Lol! :) — M.K.M. Hi! First of all, I want to thank you for the quick delivery of the product. I was curious so as soon as I received it, I sampled it! WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Now I can't wait to use it and enjoy it fully with my partner...does he have a surprise coming!!! Thank you! ♥ — M.K.M. Just got your package of Sex Butter... smells like thin mints! YUM! — D.L. I totally put the SEX in Sex Butter on Sunday night - WOW!!  What a fabulous product - thank you, thank you.  Just brilliant work!  — S.B. Sex Butter is amazing! I just had a procedure done that seemed to take away my sensation but Sex Butter brought it back in just one use! Not only is it helping me, it is helping my dogs hot spots! Truly amazing! — A.S. Way to go! My two patients that tried it so far are loving it! — M.B., N.P. Thank you so much for the sample of Sex Butter! It is really awesome, make's everything better and more enjoyable! Thank you! — B.I.F. My friend Trish loves the Sex Butter as I! — R.P. It was a thrill to work with you, I enjoyed every moment. Your passion and creativity is inspiring. You have an amazing vision and product! — S.H. I tried Sex Butter with my man and he loves it! Lots of fun...thanks dear. — F.S. Thanks! I tried Sex Butter and it worked great!  — L.L. Used it last night - woohoo! — P.L. ♥ Sex Butter is amazing! — C.C. Sex Butter is the Greatest Product! I had the most Wonderful Weekend! It's True. It's Real. It's A New Life! WOW! AMAZING, AMAZING. I have never experienced anything like It! WOW...  — D.S. Our eyes water, our nose runs, we have night sweats, our bladder leaks, but thank goodness for Sex Butter! Now we are wet where we want to be!  — C.S. I told a friend about how amazing it is! I need samples and cards to pass out! xoxo — S.R. Honestly, if I raved about it anymore they'd have to lock me up! I am forever grateful you made this product! — D.R.K. I'm amazed by Sex Butter. — J.J. My husband and I love the Sex Butter! Thanks! :) — O.A. You know how much I looooves the Buttah :) — D.K. I just wanted to tell you how amazing your product is! I've been telling all my friends and clients about it! — K.S. I tried it and I like it. Women don't be afraid to discuss the topic of decreased libido and vaginal dryness. It is a natural thing and there are many things out there such as Sex Butter to help with both. — M.B. My hub wants to know if you sell Sex Butter by the case. Tee hee.  Gonna go to your site and order now! — J.S. It’s all about balance for me: work, life, and play. Sex Butter helps with the play part of my balanced life.  Not only does Sex Butter balance my body’s ph, it helps me with my play and in fact it throws it into overdrive!  I love Sex Butter and so did my husband! It is fun, feels good, and really can heat up your ‘play time’, literally!  So, enjoy and know you are not harming your body!!! YAY!  Love that!  — C.Z. Men I am really impressed with the butter. Super fun, and does a nice job. I want more, of course, by the tub!  — N.T. Love the Sex Butter! — J.M. It's great stuff! :) — D.K. Bring on the Butter. (wink) It works great too! — M.S. Yes, the Sex Butter is truly amazing. — U.L. You have a great product on your hands! — D.D. "Foreplay with Sex Butter has pleasured my wife immensely! When she is happy, I'm happy!  I hope you try it too!" — J. S. ______________________________________________________  

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