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Crystal Clear works on the western diagnosis of Urinary Tract Crystals (FUS).  It alleviates pain and helps restore pH balance.  Crystal Clear can be used as both a preventative and for acute conditions.
Crystal Clear has three groups of herbs that really work at the root cause of the problem.
  • One group actually makes the animal thirsty so they urinate more frequently and flush out any accumulations.
  • The second group dissolves the stones or sludge by using chicken gizzard lining along with herbs.
  • The third group helps open the urethra to expel any crystal material.

It can be used as a treatment or as maintenance without fear of side effects, especially when diet and surgery have not helped. It appears to alleviate pain and restore pH balance and can be used for both preventative and acute conditions. 

Ingredients: Poria, Alisma, Atractylodes, Polyporus , Cinnamon Twig, Nei Jing & Jin Qian Cao 2 oz. 

"When our cat Tommy was 8 years old, he developed a urinary blockage that almost cost his life.The vet did surgery twice and finally wanted to remove the penis and create a cloaca. We refused that. We tried the vet’s special food, but Tommy didn’t eat it and continued to have pee trouble. Then we found Crystal Clear we added a small amount to his normal food every day and in a short time his urinary problems disappeared completely. Over time we stopped it occasionally but he would start having problems again so eventually we didn't waver on his routine. Giving it to him absolutely solved his problem, and he was vital and healthy for 10 more years. He died at age 18.5 of other causes. We think it’s marvelous stuff! Bonnie Rogers has been a faithful supplier of it since we found her, and we could not ask for a more responsive, reliable provider. We’ve been grateful to her and to the product. The picture of Tommy was taken when he was 16 years old, still sassy, healthy and handsome.” Carol T in Montana

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