Perfect Pickler® Value Package- fermentation made easy

$ 32.95

In the comfort of your own kitchen begin to make the tastiest, healthiest fermented vegetables you can eat - simply.

Do-It-Yourself Vegetable Fermenting Kits! Fool proof fermenting every just 4 days!

Pickles that take 4 days, sauerkraut in 7 days - 

Health benefits of lacto-fermented vegetables:

  • filled with a variety of beneficial enzymes
  • promotes the growth of healthy flora to balance and heal the gut
  • has been shown to help reverse some diseases
  • helps improve bowel health
  • increase vitamin levels
  • improves immunity
  • allows the food you are eating to be absorbed more efficiently

Unfortunately, most of the commercially available pickles and pickled products are pasteurized.  They are missing the beneficial bacteria and instead all you get is a lot of salt in a vinegar solution which may be tasty but lacks the medicinal quality you get with lacto-fermented veggies.

Just taking fresh ingredients, for example, cucumbers, beets, cauliflower and more you can make your own pickles.  AND , the difference in the taste and health benefits of lacto-fermented sauerkraut can't be beat.

Start today making your own healthy food in the comfort of your own home for pennies

  • 1/2 pint to 1/2 gallon - for small-to-big batch pickling- all you need to get is a wide mouth ball jar
  • Jar top kit fits onto standard wide mouth jars (you supply) to create fresh, raw, affordable fermented (pickled) vegetables (enzymes, probiotics and more..). NO cultures. NO cooking. Just add filtered or spring water, vegetables and sea salt (1/4 lb included)
  • Jar not included (you can find in most hardware stores (wide mouth ball jars)
  • BPA and phthalate-free however your vegetables never touch anything but the glass and stainless steel
  • Seals out air to induce a natural probiotic world 
  • Self-pressurizes to lock out airborne microbes
  • Wild fermentation - no cultures to add  - just your veggies, salt and water
  • Odor-free fermenting!
  • Pickles in 4 days - sauerkraut in 7 days 
  • Store pickles in the same jar - no emptying needed
  • BPA free.
  • Just remove the kit, seal and refrigerate
  • Now your kit is ready for the next batch

Fermentation Value Package:  This Kit provides 2 Perfect Pickler® Vegetable Fermenting Kit Systems for easy, do-it-yourself vegetable fermenting.  The perfect solution for those who want to ferment more than one jar (or two different recipes) at a time.  Foolproof fermenting each and every time.  Our Jar Tops fit onto wide mouth mason jars to create an endless supply of fresh, raw, affordable fermented (pickled) vegetables (enzymes, probiotics and more…) in just 4 days! NO cultures, NO cooking, NO canning. Just add filtered or spring water, vegetables and sea salt (1/4 lb included). Our ClearView AirLock and our NoSpill Gasket (Patent Pending) create an airtight seal to prevent unwanted microorganisms from spoiling the recipe and our Brine ‘Catch’ Cup prevents leaking. Includes recipes and instructions. Domestic and imported parts. Wide Mouth Jar Kit fits ½ pt, 1 pt, 1 ½ pt, 1 qt and 2 qt wide mouth jars (not included).

Includes: 2 ClearView AirLocks, 2 Wide Mouth Brine ‘Catch’ Cups, 2 Wide Mouth Fermenting Lids, 2 NoSpill Fermenting Gaskets, 2 Wide Mouth Storage Lids, 2 Storage Gaskets, ¼# Salt, Recipe Book, Mastery of Brine Pickling 24 page book!

 See our Kimchi recipe - always a hit with our clients

 Each Kit Includes:

  •  Perfect Pickler®Cook booklet
  • Celtic Sea Salt® 
  • BPA free cover for storage
  • 1/4 pound premium, mineral-rich sea salt for your first 2 gallons of pickles  


 What Dr. Weil thinks about pickles

"Dr. Weill ImageIf you enjoy pickled foods, I urge you to make your own using organically grown vegetables. It's not difficult. Recently, I've been using a device called the "Perfect Pickler," available online, which makes the process easy and fast; you get really good pickles and kimchi in just a few days."